EP #498 - 3.17.2022 - RESTORING MEMORY: A Taiko Drum Performance by Marco Lienhard

April 16, 2022

Today I have Marco Lienhard on for a musical performance and discussion.

Marco Lienhard studied the shakuhachi under Master Katsuya Yokoyama, quickly mastering the instrument and becoming a virtuoso solo artist. Marco Lienhard mastered Taiko drumming as a member of Ondekoza for 18 years. While touring as a professional taiko player in Japan, Lienhard also studied the fue and the nohkan (Noh theater flute) with Yukimasa Isso. In 1995, Lienhard founded Taikoza in New York, where he now makes his home. With Taikoza he has toured, the US, Japan, Mexico and Europe. Lienhard has performed more than 3000 concerts in Europe, Oceania, Asia and North and South America with appearances at some He toured Japan with Carnegie Kids program. He regularly teaches and performs in Japan, South America, US and Russia. His best selling albums include award nominated Taikoza Cd, best selling Music of Hayao Miyazaki 1 and 2 Cd.  He recently recorded two albums for Piano and Shakuhachi; the critically acclaimed: Travelers's Song as well as the Classical music collection: Rêverie.  He recorded music for  the new Nintendo wii game Red Steel 2. In 2015., he released two CDs of his music composed and arranged for Taikoza: Voice of the Earth and Tree Spirit.

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